Panasonic PV-V4620 4-Head Hi-Fi VCR

The Panasonic PV-V4020 is home theater ready and offers hi-fi stereo audio outputs and four-head tracking as well as a host of convenience features such as VCR Plus+ Silver programming and a multibrand, universal Light Tower remote. VCR Plus+ Silver allows you to program your VCR simply by entering the codes found in your local newspaper or TV Guide. Equipped with an auto clock-set function, the Panasonic PV-V4020 receives data from your local PBS channel to set and back up the clock and date automatically.

The Panasonic PV-V4020 features a trilingual onscreen display, commercial skip, index search, program-end search, and tape-position display. Commercial skip enables you to zip through unwanted commercials recorded onto a tape at the touch of a button. This VCR also offers audio-video inputs on the rear panel. In the box, you receive the Panasonic PV-V4020 VCR, an A/V hookup cable, and the remote control. The Panasonic PV-V4020 comes with a warranty for a year on parts, 90 days on labor.

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