Sony SLV-N900 4-Head Hi-Fi VCR, Black

The new SLV-N900 Hi-Fi VHS Video Cassette Recorder is a Energy Star Compliant VCR packed with features that make recording simple. Utilize features like the Quickset Timer Dial which allows for VCR programming without turning on the TV, a Built-in Cable Box/Direct TV Satellite Receiver Control, a Jog Shuttle on the Unit, VCR Plus+® Programming, and ChildLoc® Circuitry. Also discover the benefits of Instant Replay, a 1-Month /8 Event Recording Timer, Flash Rewind, and Commercial Skip. 19 Micron Heads for Superior EP Recording Quality, a Digital Auto Tracking System, VHS Hi-Fi Stereo – MTS Stereo TV Reception, and a Cinema Illumination Multi-Brand TV Remote Control are also included. Maximize your recording results with the SLV-N900.

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